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  Tips for success for Seniors:

  1. If you are planning on applying to a four year university, make sure that you have taken your SAT test before school applications are due.
  2. For four year applications you are starting to apply in the fall. Check out the Applying for College link for help.
  3. Not sure what you want to do? You may want to consider taking a career interest inventory or come in and talk with your counselor for help!
  4. If you are not planning on attending a four year university, don't worry about applications in the fall. Junior colleges (like College of the Redwoods) don't start taking applications until March or April.
  5. If you are thinking Military, Trade School or Working after High School research your options. Use the Non College Options link for help.
  6. Financial Aid and scholarship applications don't start until January. Don't worry about them until then!! When that time comes there is information on the Financial Aid part of this website, and also make sure to check out the Scholarships section. There is a list from last year up now if you want to check out what types of scholarships were available last year (many of them will be the same this year!)
  7. This is a big year. Use your support systems for help and see your counselors for advice and assistance in setting things up for next year!!