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Beliefs & Mission

Vision Statement

McKinleyville High School will provide a safe and supportive community of learners realizing and developing the talents and abilities of all students through powerful learning experiences.

Mission Statements

  1. To collaboratively develop a support system designed to meet academic and emotional needs of students.
  2. To foster good citizenship and social skills.
  3. To establish an environment in which students are encouraged to investigate, analyze, and conjecture.
  4. To offer a diverse menu of engaging educational opportunities.
  5. To educate and celebrate the whole person through emphasis of academic rigor, the arts, health, and vocational opportunities.
  6. To guide students in project-based learning that utilizes appropriate technology and/or connects with larger communities.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

McKinleyville High School will prepare graduates who are:

Academically and Personally Confident

  • Possess knowledge and skills as listed in the California State content or challenge standards and adopted by McKinleyville High School.
  • Read, comprehend and interpret information, instructions, literary works, real world documents and graphic representations
  • Demonstrate competence with appropriate technological equipment and devices
  • Demonstrate writing skills in academic and personal modes
  • Demonstrate listening skills in both academic and personal contexts
  • Speak effectively within a group and to an audience
  • Have had support from faculty, student services personnel, academic counselors, crisis counselors, school nurse, and student conflict mediators
  • Have grown and learned in a safe environment

Good Citizens

  • Respect themselves and others
  • Have developed a work ethic
  • Practice tolerance
  • Appreciate the values and traditions of diverse cultures
  • Have developed character, responsibility, and social maturity

Critical Thinkers

  • Use a variety of technologies to access, collect, process, evaluate, and present information
  • Possess study skills
  • Access and analyze information independently
  • Assess individual areas of need and apply appropriate learning strategies.
  • Demonstrate critical and creative thinking skills

 Uniquely Prepared

  • Have met their unique academic needs and interests
  • Used effective goal setting strategies to create a positive vision for themselves and their future
  • Demonstrate strengths and talents unique to the individual
  • Are self directed learners

Well Rounded

  • Read for knowledge and pleasure
  • Communicate through the creative arts and the media
  • Have accessed information about careers through the curriculum
  • Demonstrate self-expression and understanding through the arts and humanities
  • Make good decisions regarding health issues


  • Effectively choose and use a variety of technological applications
  • Participated in off-site work and education programs
  • Participated in community service and volunteer activities
  • Participated effectively in on-campus projects