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Panther Pride High Four

At McKinleyville High School our School Wide Norms are Panther Pride:
Panthers are....
When our students and staff are demonstrating these norms we want to celebrate them, and we can by sending a "High Four".  A "High Four" can be from a staff member to a student, from a student to a staff member or a student to student.  To send one simply click on this LINK or use your phone to scan the QR code, then simply follow the prompts, name the person you are providing a High Four to, the Pride Norm you are celebrating them for and why you are celebrating.  At the end of each day the person you "High Four'd" will get an email let them know why you were celebrating them, and Mr. Collart in his Monday Weekly Video will share a few as well!  
There is no limit to how many "High Fours" you can send out.
Want to give a High Four as a Community Member/Parent/Guardian?