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Britannica School(online encyclopedia)


Decades: 1940s-2000s in America  (history, pop culture)

eLibrary (all subjects, journals, magazines, newspapers)
Esoclar (online encyclopedia in espanol)

Gale Biography In Context  (people)

Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context (debates, argumentative & persuasive writing)


Gale Science in Context  (science related topics)

ProQuest  (all subjects, journals, magazines, newspapers)

School & Educators Complete (electronic books)

SIRS Issue Researcher (debates, argumentative & persuasive writing)

Helps for Works Cited 

Brief Guide to MLA citation style.
Online Citation Creator.  Be sure to choose wisely and edit your final citation using the MHS Style Guide!
Publication Resources

Project Resource Guides

Online Newspapers/Current Events
New York Times  (only works on school site)