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Graduation Requirements

If you have questions about your credits or graduation requirements make sure to see your counselor!
Class Credits Needed Did you know you can waive your second year of PE by participating in MHS sports?

2 seasons of playing sports will waive one semester and 4 seasons will waive an entire year.

The sports do not have to be varsity, but they do have to be full seasons and freshman year participation doesn't count.


Check out the athletics page to learn more about sports on campus.
English 40
Math (Including Integrated Math 1) 30
Science (one Life & one Physical) 20
Health 5
Tech 5
PE 20
Foreign Language or Fine Arts 10
Social Science 30
Electives 70
Each year long class is worth 10 credits. 5 Credits are awarded every semester and are posted to the permanent transcript.

A passing grade is a D-, however, requirements for attending colleges are different and a student will need a C grade or better to meet those requirements. Please follow this link to view university entrance requirements.