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College Entrance Requirements

In order to apply straight to a 4-year university students must complete the following requirements with a grade of C or better:

Class Credits Needed
These are known as the "A-G" classes. Each year long class is worth 10 credits.

Helpful Links:

University of California A-G Guide

McKinleyville High List of Approved A-G Courses

Applying to College
Failed a class or didn't achieve a C or better? Make sure to see your counselor to sign up for Summer School or talk about other options
English (CP, H) 40
Social Science
World History, and
U S History
Science (Including Biology and Chemistry or Physics) 20
(30 Recommended)
College Prep Fine Arts 10
Foreign Language 20
(30 Recommended)
Math (Including Integrated Math, Geometry and Alg 2) 30
(40 Recommended)
College Prep Elective 10